FOOD & HOTEL INDONESIA 2019 - Gelato Workshop

Workshop Gelato for New Entry

Date: 24 - 26 July 2019
Hour: 14.00 - 17.00
Location: Hall C1
Speaker: Jovita Pranata 

1st winner of Indonesia Gelato Competition and 1st Winner of Gelato World Tour Indonesia Challenge
Subject covered:
• Difference between Gelato and Ice Cream: 
Ice Cream vs Gelato, Gelato type and  Variant Product of Gelato
• Characteristic of Artisenal Ice Cream: 
Body Related Characteristic, Structure, nutritional, organoleptic, good artisanal ice cream and bad artisanal ice cream
• How to Make Artisenal Ice Cream: 
Recipe, mixing, pasteurization, ageing, batch freezing, hardening and storage / display
• Method of Production: 
Pasteurization and ageing, classic method, combine method and cool process method
• Ingredients of Gelato: 
Composition of gelato, water, solid, air, sugars and fats
• Marketing Gelateria: 
Create a recognizable brand, storyteller, point of selling, easy to found, creative online, present with website, celebrations, communicate through products, and safety and responsibility


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