Always find it’s hard to search and meet best-match partners during exhibition? We introduce FHI Business Matching Programme to make you find the right partner at the show easier.


What is FHI Business Matching?

The FHI Business Matching system offers each buyer and exhibitor the opportunity to select relevant parties to conduct business meetings. Buyers will be paired with exhibiting companies based on the buyers’ stated interests. Ultimately, the goal of the business matching is to mitigate the hassle of arranging appointments on-site and to ensure that each buyer maximises his/her time at the show. On top of meetings with exhibitors, buyers are also able to allocate time to attend our competitions, seminars, workshops as well as networking functions.

Why FHI Business Matching?

- Recommendation of partners based on your personal preference and interests 

- Schedule your meeting ahead

- Reminder system before and during the exhibition

- Real-time online chat to make communication much easier

- Dedicated area to make your meeting comfortable

When is FHI Business Matching?

24 July 2019 (Wednesday) – 26 July 2019 (Friday)

Where is FHI Business Matching?

FHI Business Matching Lounge at hall C3

Who can participate?

- All exhibitors of FHI who want maximise their time at FHI

- Pre-register visitor that express interest in FHI Business Matching

Registration for exhibitor opens until 25 June 2019

Registration for buyer opens until 12 July 2019

How is FHI Business Matching works?

- Exhibitors and Buyers need to register on FHI Business Matching by completing the application form.

- FHI team will match the buyer profile with the exhibitors.

- Buyers can choose which exhibitors to meet at the exhibition at what time, send a meeting request, finalize meeting schedule, modify details of particular range of products and edit company profile.

- The confirmed exhibitors will be informed through email for the pre-arranged meeting sessions. The meeting schedule will gives you information about the date, time and who you are going to meet.

- Please be at the Business Matching Lounge 15 minutes before the first official meeting. Each meeting lasts 30 minutes.

FHI Business Matching Programme inquiries

For all inquiries relating to the FHI Business Matching Programme, please contact the FHI Team using the following details:

FHI Team

T: +62 21 2525320

E: Marketing.Food&[email protected]