The Role of Indonesia Pastry Alliance in Supporting Local Culinary Business

The world pastry business seems to be endless. Even these business opportunities from year to year are increasingly and continue to grow rapidly. Moreover, the world of pastry is one type of food processing and presentation that focuses on various types of cakes. Therefore, the Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA) exists as an association or alliance […]

Wicien Widjaja; Introducing the Wine Sommelier Profession Through Basic Wine Training

Enjoying a meal at a well-known fancy restaurant is incomplete without a glass of wine. In a sense, wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented fruit, especially grapes. Uniquely, each type of wine has different characteristics and tastes which include fruity, alcoholic, sour, sweet and tannin. All of these flavors are depend on the […]

On The Future of Sustainability in the F&B Industry

Hilton India recently launched a brand-new additional menu – Aayush. Focused on sustainability, it brings back traditional Indian recipes rich in nutrients, low in calories and with natural healing properties. It will be available in all their properties across India, curated by the culinary team in Hilton. Aayush is a concept that puts flavour and […]

Raising the Bar: Zero-waste, wellness-on-tap, & other top trends for 2022

The ubiquitous bar counter can be found worldwide and while each one differs by design, locale, menu, and culture, its purpose is universal – the easy flow of drink and conversation. And it was brought to a shocking halt in 2020. Pandemic images of unfilled taps, empty glasses, and barstools collecting dust will forever be […]

Kemenparekraf Dukung Neutral Carbon Sustainability di Sektor Pariwisata

Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif (Kemenparekraf) berkomitmen mewujudkan Indonesia nol karbon dan pariwisata berkelanjutan atau neutral carbon sustainability melalui berbagai program yang mengedepankan kelestarian lingkungan. Selain tantangan pemulihan ekonomi, Indonesia juga menghadapi darurat karbon yang berdampak pada perubahan iklim. Sektor pariwisata saja ikut menyumbang sekitar 8 persen dari karbon dunia. Jejak karbon merupakan hasil dari […]

The future of food sustainability

In a volatile and ever-changing socio-economical and environmental landscape, companies must remain proactive in their part toward the sustainability cause, whether through cooperation with the public sector, adopting intelligent tools, and seeking new opportunities for growth and adaptation. Climate change, a growing population, and a pandemic – these are just a few factors influencing and […]

Sustainability Trends In Hospitality to Look Out For In 2022

As Omicron continues to impact the hospitality industry significantly, how we dine and travel in 2022 will change; lookout for 2022 sustainability trends in hospitality. ‘After almost two years of COVID-19 restrictions, holistic hospitality that focuses on health and well-being will be more important than digitized guest experiences, personalization, and virtual and augmented reality as […]

2022 And Beyond: Sustainability In Hospitality And Tourism

The hospitality and tourism sector have come a long way since 2020. Technology aThe hospitality and tourism sector have come a long way since 2020. Technology and globalization have opened doors we never would have even imagined. Tourism today is a huge part of our global culture, allowing us to explore different parts of the […]

6 main ethical concerns of service robots and human interaction

Around the world, a lot of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. In parallel, automation, AI, and the usage of robots are becoming more and more frequent. Indeed, the health situation has increased firms’ digitalization and automatization processes. In the past, when automation has eliminated jobs, companies created new ones to meet their needs. This, […]

The subtle evolution from bleisure to workations

BCD Travel’s research recently found that 85% of workers in the US are looking for a mix of remote and office work in the future. This recent pandemic clearly demonstrated it is possible to work efficiently from home or wherever there is a good wifi connexion and access to business amenities. Zoom, Teams or Meet, […]