Industry Talk: Creating A Sustainable and Resilient Future for Your Consumer Goods

This webinar focused on discussion about:
1. Consumer goods trend after Covid-19 pandemic
2. How technology to create a connected, agile and data-empowered organisation that leads the consumer goods industry, address customer goods industry challenges and evolve with your customers
3. Consumer good distribution in Indonesia
4. Digitalization makes more efficient, agile, and customer-focused in supply chain of consumer good industry
5. Innovation and Digitalization of packaging trend in consumer goods products

Download webinar presentation
> Rethinking about Packaging - Lifestyle Changing-Sustainability by Henky Wibawa, Executive Director of Indonesian Packaging Federation
> FMCG Distribution in Pandemic & Digital Era by Ananta Dewandhono, founder of Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia
> Creating a sustainable and Resilent Future for your Consumer Goods by Daniel Setiawan Wibowo, Head Of Go to Market and Sales Capability of PT. Heinz ABC Indonesia