Tea Cupping Fundamental

Date: Friday, 26 July 2019
Hour: 13.00 - End
Location: Hall B2
Speaker: Sharyn Johnston

Sharyn Johnston - Australian Tea Masters

Founder of Australian Tea Masters in 2011, the Singapore office in 2016 and the Indonesian office in 2018. Sharyn has worked with some of the world’s leading tea experts to develop the training material used in the Australian Tea Masters “Certified Tea Master” and “Certified Tea Blending” courses.
She is regularly asked to be a guest judge at tea competitions around the world and is a member of the advisory board of Tea Masters Cup, as well as Chief Judge.Sharyn offers a portfolio of approximately 30 different tea courses across all sectors of the tea market. These courses include Tea Etiquette, Hands on Blending, High Teas, Tea and Food pairing, Teas of the world and tailor made education classes for small or large groups.
She is a well-respected member of the global tea community. 
Mini workshop with Sharyn Johnston, AUSTEA Masters:
• Tea Cupping Level 1
• Cupping and Tasting any species of teas
• Learn how to "tea evaluation sheet"
• Terminology of Tea Tasting


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